The moonlight blurred, gazing at the foot, who was tenderness deep, draw a inkstone ink, tears lock fairy cave, without regret, your whole life waiting, look forward to working with you together, like the ancient dream.

Author: the coldest month --.

Fold a weeping willow in the water storage bottle, pointed buds, like new budding dream, is a flower in the mirror smile. Close your eyes, a heart reenex the memory book, hover in the heart, gradually diffuse......

As if to smell the fragrance of national beauty and heavenly fragrance -- peony, peony, move one deeply, as if to see her charming for me, from my dream all the way walking leisurely, bathed in the Tang and song of rain.

Use a hair loose and hair, are scattered on the face, soft black hair wisp, down to the cheeks, cut open the autumn charming and Qing you eyes. Her presence and pure white snow dusted if a contract, is suitable woman's Air Purifierlight and heavy make-up, she has the beautiful gentleman woman like classical temperament, change constantly in the snowy night, whether strong make-up, or light sweeping crescent.

You, a skirt, a flower garden, pure heart and spirit, yingying and semi fiber, was, the head of a gentle, halo extremely cool breeze charming, was, and indulge in self-admiration Qing Yan, in clear water bay. Flying into the body and mind, a thousand years of the Tang and song rain, see flowers bloom, Yunjuanyunshu, at sunset, love sweet love LED Spot Light Lamp on the road side, playing the zither sigh!

Point out on the cold water, smoke cage shoulders, her pale, lips enlight, locking brow, worry, sound like broken dream, with no sleep, Pipa and tears, who solution chords, songs as you pity? Who is the lotus leaves in the autumn wind, filled with sadness, the pond house, who was looking eyes? Between the lines of the Tang and song Yuli, who tears wet? Who, on both sides of a inkstone ink, Sir Georg Solti, Yin Chun, the rain in tonal law, played the piano music?